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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a website & a URL that my customers know. How can I use Renterval with it?
There are several ways to use Renterval with your current website address:

1. Establish an 'auto-forward' with the registrar/hoster of your domain. This is typically the fastest way to accomplish a redirect of traffic from '' to ''
2. Port your website to Renterval for free hosting of your domain. Renterval will host your site for free with your prepaid annual subscription to the Pro plan.
3. Integrate your Renterval site into your current website via an 'iFrame'.

Can I use my credit card processor?
Yes! If you have a CardConnect,, Square, GoEmerchant or PayPal account, you can plug in your credentials and use your account right away. We’re adding more processors soon, so create your account for the latest news!
Do I have to sign a contract or make a term commitment?
Renterval doesn’t require a monthly or annual contract. If we’re not the best solution available, you’re free to cancel any time.
Does Renterval charge extra for a mobile-friendly site?
Renterval clients enjoy a mobile site included for no extra charge.
What if my items are damaged/stolen while rented?
The safe return of your equipment is extremely important to us. We offer several functions to protect you:
1. Customers must provide a valid credit card to consummate the rental
2. We collect complete contact information, including (at your direction) driver’s license and date of birth
3. There is always face-to-face contact (whether a delivery or an in-store pick-up), at which point you can snap a picture of a driver’s license
4. All rental contracts reflect your complete rental agreement and there is an area for customer signature, which eliminates the claim of “confusion” or absence of clearly-stated terms & conditions.
Can I use Renterval for in-store point of sale?
Yes, Renterval includes a fully-functional point-of-sale solution. Easy to use and manage, you can dump your current point of sale service.
Does Renterval work with my current rental software?
Renterval complements or replaces your current solution. We think we’re the best thing going, but you can still use your old-fashioned software with Renterval.
What are the set-up and hosting fees?
Set-up and hosting fees are so last century. Get started today for free!