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Are you ready for ‪#‎CyberMonday‬? Learn how you can grow your ‪#‎rental‬ business with “once a year” deals!

The first Monday after Thanksgiving has come to be known as “Cyber Monday”.  This is the time when your customers scour the Internet for the best deals available for everything from consumer electronics to new cars.  You can keep your event and rental business on your customers’ minds by offering your own Cyber Monday deal on your rental & event services.

With Renterval’s easy-to-use coupon management feature, you can create targeted offers for your customers and learn great insight about how they find you and what it takes to make them buy.  Our tools allow you to offer deals which:

  • Offer either a flat discount or a percentage-off promotion
  • Can be limited (so you can promote “hurry, this offer is only available to the first “X” number of customers
  • May apply only when a dollar threshold is met (“Take 20% off when you spend $100 or more”
  • Automatically expire (“You must order by midnight Monday to get this great deal!”)
  • Will inform you where your customers are coming from (create offers with labels like “Facebook” or “Twitter” or “ChamberOfCommerce”). You can name the coupons anything you want!
  • Entice past customers to get your best deals

Renterval is always working on new things to grow your online party & event rental business, so take advantage of this great feature!

Watch this short how-to video to see how you can offer instant deals to your customers & track where your customers hear about you!

Watch how to grow your business with CyberMonday deals!

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