As your party rental service area becomes more competitive, there will probably be more pricing competition.  Rather than watch your party rental business erode way as you compete on price, there’s another way to get new customers and make extra money.  Renterval’s online party rental software makes it easy.

Packaging is not a new idea – Happy Meals are packages, vacations are packages, and even health insurance policies are packages.  Packages are a smart way to provide additional value to your customers while charging them just a little more. The result is more satisfied customers, an offering that your competitors can’t match, and you can place more of your otherwise idle inventory.

Consider your customers; if they’re like most people, they just want an easy experience.  Many customers probably don’t know all of the items you have to offer, and don’t want to spend the time to browse your inventory.  With package deals, you can make suggestions to your customers and help them find the solution they’ve been looking for.

Typical packages include the “main” item a customer is looking for, but it will also include 2-3 “extra” items that they didn’t necessarily seek out, but which they would be interested in renting (things like tables, chairs, linens, or other party items, like concession items and more).

Renterval’s online party rental software makes creating packages easy.  In about 2 minutes, you can offer packages to your customers.  When your customers book your inventory online, they can browse your package deals, see what’s included in your packages, and how much they cost.  Renterval will dynamically update the availability of each component in the package to prevent double-booking of the items included in the package.

On average, Renterval clients earn approximately 40% more when offering package deals, so stop trying to compete on price and find a better way to acquire more customers and earn more money per rental.

Watch the quick video here to see how easy creating packages can be!

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