Your party rental business faces many challenges that other companies simply don’t have to deal with.  The concept of renting equipment that you paid for, maintain, clean, and prep for the next customer is completely foreign to most other businesses (and most other business software).  Renterval “gets” the unique nature of your business, and we make our offering tailored to your needs.

This week, we are proud to introduce the newest feature in our online party rental software – customizable “set up” charges that allow you to get the full picture of where your equipment is going so that you can charge the correct amount every time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.03.47 AMWith this new feature, Renterval helps you know what to expect before you arrive to set-up your equipment.  The new set-up feature asks the questions that your staff may forget to ask, like “are there any special set-up requirements or delivery details?” or “will this be on asphalt or grass?”.  You can now customize your Renterval storefront with options that give you the whole delivery picture.

You are in control of the set-up charges you establish.  Create charges for set-up on asphalt, at a city park, upstairs, optional generator, etc.   There is no limit to the number of optional set-up charges you can create, which means you will never undercharge your customers.

Your party rental business is getting more complex, and Renterval’s online party rental software is getting smarter to make your business easier.


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