160420 - Scenery Samsung Galaxy S5  (cropped)Managing inventory, preventing double-bookings, and charging customers the right amount every time is (or should be) “table stakes” for any rental software company.  For many providers, these features is where the value stops.  At Renterval, we realize that to be truly valuable to you, our clients, we must help automate and improve other aspects of our clients’ business.  
Since it’s founding, Renterval has provided extremely valuable marketing tools to help the small- to mid-sized local rental companies, and we’ve included them in every plan we offer.  As a Renterval client, our #1 objective is to make your business successful.  Because we’re fortunate to serve so many businesses in local economies across the country, we can provide features & functions that individual companies simply couldn’t cost-justify.  When determining the features we offer to clients, a prospective feature must help our clients in at least one of the following areas: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
As a partner in helping rental clients grow, we offer industry-leading tools to help clients standout in search-engine results and also improve the in-store experience:
  • Online & Point-of-Sale – Renterval not only helps customers self-serve with easy online ordering, but our point-of-sale and inventory management feature gives you control in one easy-to-use experience.
  • Mobile-friendly – Whether your customers find you from their desktop, their tablet or their mobile-phone, Renterval makes browsing and renting your inventory a snap.  Only Renterval includes a mobile-friendly experience for no additional cost.
  • Social-media connection – Renterval online rental software clients have the unique ability to promote individual items on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts.  With one click, your customers can go from your Facebook page directly to your Renterval shopping cart, which improves conversion and helps your customer check-out (rent) their preferred item in a hurry.
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Renterval clients are in control of the online personality of their business.  Only Renterval provides simple input fields where you can add valuable content (like an About Us page, keyword inputs, etc.).
  • Automated quotes & receipts – When you’re easy to do business with, customers tell their friends.  Renterval knows that  big pain points for customers are phone-tag and quote forms.  Thanks to Renterval’s online tools, your customers can shop and reserve items 24/7, and they can also get an automated quote without ever having to make a phone call.  When they complete their order online, they will receive an automated receipt, branded with your business name, phone, email, address and logo.
  • Re-marketing  – What if you could rent to a customer who didn’t complete their order with you?  Only Renterval provides a powerful “cart abandon” contact tool, which empowers you to contact customers who didn’t buy with special offers or simply a personal invitation to come back to your store.
Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  • Customer database – every customer who rents from you is added to your customer database, which makes re-orders faster and permits you to create custom marketing programs.  Only Renterval adds this feature, which will help you grow your sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Text (SMS) rental reminders – Do you call your customers before their rental starts? How much time (money) do you spend on this effort?  Renterval includes free SMS text message reminders for your customers.  Now, your customers will get an (optional) text reminder of their rental.  This feature improves customer satisfaction, reduces cancelations/forgotten rentals, and adds hours of productivity back to your business.
Renterval clients will continue to receive our latest updates without needed to upgrade into new plans, without needing to buy a new version, and without needing to call IT to have something new installed.  Renterval makes it easy on you, so you can make things easy on your customers.
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