As local rental businesses evolve to serve more customers, do more with their current inventory, and search for better ways to compete with larger providers, choosing the right online rental software is a critical decision in helping the business to reach it’s goals.

There are a few features that any rental software you consider should offer.  After all, online rental software shouldn’t merely be an expense for your business; it should actually help you manage, serve and grow.

Below are the top 5 must-have features in any online rental software:

1. Mobile-friendliness.  When is the last time you left your home or office and weren’t carrying your smartphone?  If you’re like most business owners,  It’s probably been a while.  Your phone should give you all of the access you need to run your rental business; you should be able to see pending reservations, change pricing or terms when you want, and even get a map to today’s deliveries.  And, these features should be available to you at no additional charge.

2. Sales optimization.  Rental software that merely helps you manage the behind-the-counter operation of your business does not add anything to your bottom line. Software that serves as a mere reservation log simply doesn’t help you grow your business.  Today’s online rental software should actually merchandise and promote your inventory to your customers.  Think of it as an always-on, up-to-date catalog of your inventory.  If your customers can’t see what you have, they won’t rent everything they might need.

3. Social Media-ready.  Busy customers and event planners rely heavily on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and as sources of information about possible providers.  The best online rental software allows you to quickly share listings for your items to these outlets and quickly convert browsers into customers. The best online rental software solutions permit customers to “deep link” directly to a particular item’s reservation page, so the customer can see availability and pricing in real time.

4. Helpful, free support.  When you make an investment in your business, you should  choose a partner who is just as interested in growing your business as you are.  If there is a fee to have questions answered, to get help with a nagging problem, or ask for tips on how to best grow your business, you’re less likely to get the most from your online rental software investment.  Make sure your online rental software provider will stand behind their product and empower you to maximize productivity.

5. Easy-to-use CRM.  Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) tools help businesses keep track of customer purchases, remind customers when it’s time to reorder, and gives business owners the power to personalize customer service.  Good CRM yields great returns in the form of customer loyalty and increased spend.  If your online rental software doesn’t offer the insights you need to run your business the way you want, it’s time to find a new provider. was built on the principle that there is a better way to get more out of your rental business for much less cost (and much more functionality) than traditional rental software.  We would love to show you all that Renterval can do to grow your business!
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