Some of our clients need a little notice so they can prepare an item for a customer.  Common examples include items they re-rent from other providers, items that require outsourced or additional labor, or items that require additional prep, like linens.  With Renterval’s new “Lead Time” feature, clients can control which items they need advanced notice for.  Once a lead time is added to an item, your online customers can’t order the item before the lead time period.

For example, let’s say you require 3 days’ notice before you can rental a large bounce house (because you need to arrange the labor to deliver it and set it up).  When your customer comes to your site on Monday the 1st, the first time your item will show as available is Thursday the 4th (or 3 days).   Your customer can still order for any time on or after the 4th, but not before.   The lead time feature will ensure you never have to call your customer and explain why you can’t deliver when he wants an item.

Lead time
Lead time

The lead time settings are completely customizable for every item in your store.  In the case where you have an item readily available for delivery, you may decide that you don’t want to establish a lead time for that item, which means your customer can order an item for any time in the future.

This and other features help you better manage your business and delight your customers!  Renterval’s online rental software makes it easy!


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