You may hear other rental businesses talk about their “slow season”, but when you have Renterval by your side, you can pick up the rentals they’re missing.

We work hard to put all of the tools in your hands to make your rental operation a year-round business.  With cutting-edge features and free, helpful support, we can turn your rental business into the envy of your competition!

Check out some of the latest features we’ve recently added and do more with your Renterval online rental store, including:

  • Lead time requirements: Do you need a little notice before you can have a rental item available?  Now, you can manage lead time requirements for each item in your store.  Set-up is easy, and it automatically prevents rentals if the start date doesn’t give you time you need.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Automate your marketing plans.  Watch this short clip to learn how using Renterval’s online rental software can automate and improve your email marketing success!  See it here.
  • See item availability by date: You can easily see which items are available on any given day.  To check availability by date, just click on the Manage Inventory button and select the “See availability by date” button.  Enter the date in question and bingo!

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