If your business wants to offer greater flexibility to your customers (while earning more money), you’ll love our new Flex Pricing update.

Click here to watch the help video

The Flex Pricing setting lets your customer pick the end date/time for their rental and Renterval will charge according to your prices list.

Here’s how it works: assume the base rental price for a product is $20 for 3 days. If you want to offer a discount for extra days, you can set the price for additional day at $5 each. If your customer wants the item for 4 days, the charge would be $25 ($20 for the first 3 days plus $5 for the 4th day).

Here’s how to make the switch to Flex Pricing:

Step 1:
From the Dashboard, visit the Store Settings area and click the Extras tab.

Step 2:
Click the option “Show end date calendar?” to yes.

Step 3 (optional):
If you want to offer a discount (or charge a premium) for rentals longer than your base rental term:
A. go to the Manage Inventory page and click on a product name.
B. Choose the Pricing and Availability area to see the base rental price and set additional to the base pricing for your rentals.
C. Set an “each additional” price

Note: If you want to charge the base price for additional rental time, do nothing and the charges will calculate properly.

Give it a try – you can change your settings any time.

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