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Add equipment one at a time or with our easy-to-use bulk upload feature. We’ll even help you with our exclusive Migration Support service!


Personalize Your Store

Renterval puts you in control with our Store Setting selections. Add your logo, connect your merchant services account, Choose your display options, pick colors and even select which fields you want to require at checkout. You control the entire experience!


Connect Your Merchant (Credit Card) Processor

Already have a merchant payment processor? Connect it to your Renterval account for the fastest and easiest online payments from your customers!
Pick from our ever-growing list of processors we support, including:

And more coming soon!


Get Instant Rental & Booking Alerts

Sometimes you can’t be available to fill out a quote form or answer a phone call – that’s why Renterval was created! Now, no matter what you’re doing, your customers can see and rent your items on their schedule (and you can bank your rental revenues immediately)!

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