Foot traffic not it once was? Let’s fix it.

If free balloons and popcorn is no longer bringing new customers to your dealership, here’s something that will:  Rent factory-authorized accessories for your vehicles.

The traffic coming to your business will be customers of your brand, and this innovative approach will save your customers money over buying the gear they want.  And, a rental will guarantee at least two visits (pick up and return) to your business, giving your sales teams double thechance to show your new inventory and develop a relationship with your customer.

Do the math

Renting accessories is a profitable way to bring new or returning clients to your dealership.  For a one-time investment in an accessory, you have a new way to talk with customer while making a terrific return on your investment (as much as 300% return or more!).  Best of all, your rental inventory doesn’t need to be new. You can now find a new life for returns of accessory purchases.  Plus, you may choose to offer the item for sale to the renter at the transaction.

Works great with social media

As you shift your marketing budget to social media, Renterval integrates naturally into your campaigns.  As a web-based rental platform, you can create beautiful Facebook & Instagram campaigns to bring customers directly to your accessory rental inventory.

Find interested customers and direct them to your dealership from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others!
Find interested customers and direct them to your dealership from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others!

Renterval makes renting and managing your accessory inventory a breeze.

Our web-based online rental & inventory management system is easy to use and works perfectly with your existing website. Renterval is also ideal for posting on social media; your customers can link directly from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram directly to your personalized rental inventory.

Not only does Renterval take and manage rental reservations, it’s integrated customer relationship management tool lets you create marketing campaigns to continue the relationship with your customers.

Every Renterval client enjoys these benefits:

  • A mobile-friendly renting & management experience for customers and staff
  • Detailed reports to track rentals, revenues and customer activity
  • End-to-end security via SSL encryption
  • Custom reports
  • Unlimited inventory
  • Unlimited rentals
  • Point-of-sale integration
  • And many, many more.

Get started today to see how you can make your dealership the destination for brand-loyal customers in your market!

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