Earn More From Your Rentals With Flex Pricing

If your business wants to offer greater flexibility to your customers (while earning more money), you’ll love our new Flex Pricing update. Click here to watch the help video The Flex Pricing setting lets your customer pick the end date/time … Read More

Automated Help For Your Rental Business

Managing inventory, preventing double-bookings, and charging customers the right amount every time is (or should be) “table stakes” for any rental software company.  For many providers, these features is where the value stops.  At Renterval, we realize that to be … Read More

Smarter Event Rental Software

We get it – logging into your online event rental software account isn’t (always) your top priority. That’s why Renterval’s newest feature, easy calendar integration, means you’re never more than a tap away from seeing all of your future rentals.  Busy rental business owners know our … Read More

Grow Rentals Through Government Contracts

A great source of reliable, profitable and repeat business is local schools and other government agencies. Becoming a qualified vendor is easy if you know the steps required by the agencies you want to serve. Whether you have Federal, State … Read More

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CyberMonday Deals For Your Rental Customers!

Are you ready for ‪#‎CyberMonday‬? Learn how you can grow your ‪#‎rental‬ business with “once a year” deals! The first Monday after Thanksgiving has come to be known as “Cyber Monday”.  This is the time when your customers scour the Internet for the … Read More

Online Party & Event Rental Software – Make The Smart Choice The First Time

Deciding on the best online rental software for your rental business requires many considerations.  The obvious considerations include cost, mobile-friendly capabilities, ease of management and access to information.  But what about considering how easy it is for you to manage … Read More

Make Autumn Your Busy Season With Renterval’s Online Rental Software

You may hear other rental businesses talk about their “slow season”, but when you have Renterval by your side, you can pick up the rentals they’re missing. We work hard to put all of the tools in your hands to … Read More

Need Some Time? Renterval Can Help!

Some of our clients need a little notice so they can prepare an item for a customer.  Common examples include items they re-rent from other providers, items that require outsourced or additional labor, or items that require additional prep, like linens.  With … Read More

Personalized Online Rental Software

How do you express your business’s personality? Many times, the first impression a customer sees of you is your logo. But a brand’s personality is so much more than just a logo. It can be anything from colors and fonts … Read More

A Cinch To Switch!

Renterval understands the concern that our clients have about switching from their current software to Renterval’s online booking platform. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make becoming a Renterval client as easy as possible. In just a few simple steps, … Read More

5 Considerations When Evaluating Online Rental Software

As local rental businesses evolve to serve more customers, do more with their current inventory, and search for better ways to compete with larger providers, choosing the right online rental software is a critical decision in helping the business to reach … Read More

Freedom From Expensive Rental Software!

As the nation celebrates its Independence Day on July 4th, now is a great time to consider gaining freedom from old-fashioned and expensive rental software. When you make the smart switch to Renterval.com, you will new liberty, like: Freedom from … Read More