Personalized Online Rental Software

How do you express your business’s personality? Many times, the first impression a customer sees of you is your logo. But a brand’s personality is so much more than just a logo. It can be anything from colors and fonts … Read More

A Cinch To Switch!

Renterval understands the concern that our clients have about switching from their current software to Renterval’s online booking platform. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make becoming a Renterval client as easy as possible. In just a few simple steps, … Read More

5 Considerations When Evaluating Online Rental Software

As local rental businesses evolve to serve more customers, do more with their current inventory, and search for better ways to compete with larger providers, choosing the right online rental software is a critical decision in helping the business to reach … Read More

Freedom From Expensive Rental Software!

As the nation celebrates its Independence Day on July 4th, now is a great time to consider gaining freedom from old-fashioned and expensive rental software. When you make the smart switch to, you will new liberty, like: Freedom from … Read More

We’re Ready For Your Busy Season – Are You?

As summer rolls around and the skies start to clear, your customers are ready to rent your gear!  Are you ready for the increase in volume? Renterval’s online rental software gives your customers the freedom to book with you any … Read More

Fewer Clicks, More Rentals

Deciding on the best online rental software for your rental business requires many considerations.  The obvious considerations include cost, mobile-friendly capabilities, ease of management and access to information.  But what about considering how easy it is for you to manage … Read More

Party Rental Software That Gets It

Your party rental business faces many challenges that other companies simply don’t have to deal with.  The concept of renting equipment that you paid for, maintain, clean, and prep for the next customer is completely foreign to most other businesses … Read More

Grow Your Party Rental Business With Package Deals

As your party rental service area becomes more competitive, there will probably be more pricing competition.  Rather than watch your party rental business erode way as you compete on price, there’s another way to get new customers and make extra … Read More

Party Rental Software By Renterval Now Better Than Ever!

We’re always working hard to make Renterval’s Party Rental Software better and easier to use.  This week, we’re proud to announce the newest features that make running and growing your party rental business easier to run. Renterval’s party rental software … Read More

Spring. Forward!

Most of the country “lost” an hour a few weeks ago due to Daylight Savings Time, but there’s no need to lose an hour of serving customers. Many rental businesses offer extended hours during Spring and Summer months, not many are … Read More

Grow Your Rental Business Using Online Coupons

Coupons are used for more than just offering discounts. They’re great for tracking how effective your marketing is. For the cost of just a few dollars, you can get tons of great information about where your customers are coming from. … Read More

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier!

You asked and we delivered!  Now, using’s online rental software is easier than ever. With our guided onboarding experience, we walk you through the setup process step-by-step.  We make it easy for you to customize your online store setup with your … Read More